Teams collaborating to manifest a shared vision can be immensely fun and satisfying or riddled with stress and frustration.


Highly effective teams that manifest their projects in a harmonious and energizing way are what every leader hopes for. Yet, sadly, often this is not what happens.

Teams are simply a collection of individuals who each bring their own entire history. This is challenging because it means they see the world through their own unique filters and those filters drive their behavior.

Filters such as:
  • Limiting beliefs and inspiring beliefs (conscious and unconscious) about themselves, other people, and the world
  • Core values
  • Preferences
  • Level of self-confidence and self-esteem
  • Expertise, skills, and innate talents
  • Past experience in similar situations
It is a masterful leader who can bring a team together to create an outcome that is satisfying to the individual, and beneficial to the organization.