Inside of You Something Wants to Blossom...

...and what wants to emerge is your best and most inspirational self. At your core, immense potential, uniqueness, and brilliance waits patiently to emerge. Emergence is about consciously engaging in your own evolution.

Starting with your first session, you will hit the ground running with actions that yield immediate positive changes.

Photo of a casablanca lilly in full bloom
Chris Coaches:

who want to cultivate an environment where their team naturally follows with enthusiasm and commitment to achieve results beyond expectations.

working together toward a shared vision and producing results in a harmonious and energizing way—a way that is both satisfying to the individual and beneficial to the team and organization.

interested in being in command of their life—a life of purpose and passion. People who are aligned with deep integrity and who embrace their own authority and worth.

seeking support to enjoy greater companionship, intimacy, love, and equality, or those looking for a graceful way to minimize pain and end a relationship.
Your coaching engagement will be focused on specific intentions and milestones that you co-create with Chris. Plan to be in action! You will be taking pragmatic steps toward what you really want. Also essential for your success, and woven into the tapestry of your journey, is the emergence of your best and most inspirational self.