Four Coaching Essentials

Successful coaching requires four things:
  • You sincerely want to change your personal and/or professional life and are willing to courageously and creatively explore what needs to change
  • You are willing to take action
  • You are willing to make a commitment to your coaching engagement
  • There is a disparity between where you are now and where you want to be

Coaching Works for Four Primary Reasons
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Structure   >>

Regular coaching conversations expand your learning, create clarity, and open your options. Each interaction yields a clear action plan for your next steps. Email or quick phone calls between sessions serve to move you forward and to celebrate your progress. Checkpoints lend extra accountability and motivation.

Expertise    >>

My extensive knowledge around the topics I coach is derived from both education and real-life experience. As a life long-learner, I offer you that which I know works! I work with an expansive toolkit of many concepts, assessments, and tools that will support you in manifesting your inspiring intentions As your coaching partner, I come to you without bias and with the understanding that ultimately you know what is best for you and your life. I honor your choices.

Also, as human beings we all have blind spots—things we don’t see about our own ways of thinking, believing, and behaving. My expertise includes helping you to identify your blind spots and then to champion embracing a more expansive view of yourself.

Synergy    >>

You and I become a team. With the power of two minds focused on one goal, your possibilities and results will be greater than what you can achieve on your own. As your coach, I am completely committed to your success.

A Body / Mind Approach    >>

I use a Body/Mind approach to my coaching. This means that your whole self is included in the process: Your intellect, emotions, body, and spirit. Why? While your mind (intellect) is a magnificent and essential part of you, it does NOT have all the answers. Your intuition, emotions, inner knowing, body sensations, and Spirit have much to say and can add great value—value that cannot be elicited from the intellectual mind alone.