Three Coaching Misconceptions

( Rollover the misconceptions below to learn what coaching really is!! )

Misconception #1:    Coaching is like consulting where you hire an expert about your business or your industry to solve your problems.

No. Coaching is not like consulting. In consulting, you become more savvy within your industry by aligning with experts. In contrast, coaching is about evoking your own brilliance, your own potential. Coaching brings forth your best self. YOU discover what is really true for you at a core level. YOU identify what you really want to create and align that with a powerful intention to do so. YOU then LEARN HOW TO remove obstacles all along your path and navigate forward until you manifest your desire.

Misconception #2:   Coaching is like mentoring, where you will learn a certain set of skills.

No. Coaching is not like mentoring. Coaching answers these questions: What do I really want? What am I willing to do to get what I want? Who am I as a person and how do I move through the world in a way that either supports or hinders my progress and my happiness? Inside of me, what gifts, talents, and potentials are waiting to awaken and emerge? Once answered, YOU WILL LEARN HOW TO use a powerful toolkit that promotes new, expansive ways of doing things and new ways of being in your world.

Misconception #3:  Coaching is like therapy, so you will be digging deep into your past.

No. Coaching addresses current, relevant issues that you want to change. YOU build a bridge between where you are today to where you want to be TOMORROW. YOU look at specific aspects of your self that want to emerge or at specific aspects of your life or work that need attention. It is, however, possible that something in your past continually holds you back. In that case, we would focus limited attention on this so you could gain a greater understanding of yourself and unhook from what in the past is no longer useful in your life today. If deeper healing is required, recommendations will be made to address this with another professional or with other services.