Personal or Professional:
11 Essential Secrets for Changing Your Life

What focus you choose for your coaching engagement, whether it be personal or professional, your path will be easier if you include these guiding principles. Most essential is to learn how to be your own ally and create an ongoing attitude of self-support, self-love, and self-appreciation. These eleven secrets will ensure your allegiance to changing your life for the better.

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Your Inspiring Vision Propels You to Success   >>

Thinking beyond your limitations and having a clear picture of how you want to shape your life, will inspire a vision that motivates and energizes you.

Your Essential Self is What Makes You, Uniquely You   >>

The core of you is pure Essence—your Essential Self. Your Essential Self is an endless well of gifts. Innately whole and resourceful, you have everything within you (natural intelligence, creativity, talent, unique genius, wisdom, and love) to create the life you imagine and the life beyond your imagining. Truly recognizing, celebrating, and empowering your Essential Self ultimately produces happiness and fulfillment.

Taking 100% Responsibility Leads to Freedom and Control   >>

To live a life in which you feel in control and purposeful requires stepping into 100% responsibility for your thoughts, feelings, and actions. Less than 100% puts you at the effect of other people and outside circumstances where you surrender your power and your happiness. Responsibility is the key to true freedom and being in control of your life.

Nurturing Environments Support Your Evolution   >>

You have many environments in which you live that support or hinder your life. Some of these are physical environments such as your home or vehicle, others are social environments where you interact with other people—such as your family, colleagues, friends, for example. Still others are related to who you are as a whole person—your intellect, emotions, body, and spirit. Creating nurturing environments are essential to manifesting what you really want.

Love is the Greatest Power   >>

In most world cultures, power is thought to be derived from control and force over others—“power over.” It is easy to see how this contracted model does not create harmonious relationships or results. Instead of “power over,” genuine power calls on the gentle, yet robust, energy of love and appreciation, and standing fully in your own authority.

Emotions Are Your Natural Birthright   >>

Emotions are an essential part of human existence and the rich tapestry through which you experience life. Embracing your feelings and expressing them constructively produces a vital, satisfying life. Failure to honor emotions leads to a slow, steady erosion of your spirit, a loss of your inner, deeper wisdom, and a loss of vitality and connection with yourself and all of life.

Commitment to Yourself is Essential   >>

Being 100% committed to yourself and your success will lead you to the life you imagine. Key to your success is your openness to learning, your willingness to uncover and shift your underlying limiting beliefs, and your commitment to taking control of your life. While many external barriers can stand in your way, the most prominent barrier is probably you: your thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors.

Creative Expression Creates Aliveness and Vitality   >>

You are a creative being. When you allow your creativity to emerge, crafting your new blueprint for your life becomes a deeply satisfying experience. Your creative expression taps into the deep wells of your authenticity and your uniqueness, resulting in expanded energy and a zest for life.

Appreciation Opens the Door to Manifestation   >>

Often we get hung up in thinking about what we don’t have at the expense of appreciating what we do have. Frequently expressing appreciation for all of life provides fertile ground to manifest your Inspiring Intentions. Plus, it just feels good! The opposite of appreciation is the contracted energy of entitlement, where you simply take things for granted and shut down the flow of attraction.

Spiritual Centeredness Invites Partnership   >>

Spirituality is a huge topic and there are many ways of believing. Central to living a life of deep meaning and happiness is knowing that there something larger than yourself, something you are continually connected to and supported by. Some call this God, or the Universe, or many other names. Use what works for you. If you are the end-all-be-all authority in your world, then you are missing a great partnership that offers you an easier journey, and one that results in a richly abundant life, heavily laced with happiness and fulfillment.