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Your set of MoneyMoves™ Cards, in their special holder, will be shipped immediately after enrolling in the Online Game. You will receive them within a few days. Meanwhile, you can begin the game without them!

Each card offers you an opportunity to explore different aspects of your relationship with money. Each daily experience with the MoneyMoves™ Online Game corresponds to a lesson on one of the cards.

You will automatically receive each daily lesson via email. Your first lesson will be sent immediately upon your enrollment.


Awaken and Nurture Your Relationship with Money


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With this fun and life-changing online game you will:
  • Discover and improve your relationship with money.
  • Learn to befriend money and make it your ally.
  • Reshape your thoughts and money beliefs.
  • Create joy, ease, and abundance allowing money to flow.
  • Explore wealth beyond money.
Enjoy 45 days of fun exploration into your relationship with money. Money needn't be a stressful or fearful presence in your life anymore. Here you can loosen the grip of the way you experience money. Each learning experience is:
  • Easy and fun.
  • 20 to 40 minutes in length.
  • Self-paced. Collect your lessons in a file in your computer, then experience your lessons at a pace that feels good to you.
Each experience is presented in the following structure:
  • A story
  • An online activity
  • A wondering question
  • A home play activity