Powerful and unparalleled, Imagination Made Real™ is a multifaceted accelerated learning course that gives you the power to bring into your life all that you desire. This robust tool can be used by individuals wanting to create a satisfying life, or by businesses wanting to develop high performing teams that manifest the organization’s vision.

IMR™ came into being out of the belief in the goodness of humankind and knowledge that at the heart of each person lies the innate desire to live a satisfying life and to make a difference in this world. Collectively we can re-create our world so that each person thrives and lives a whole and creative life.
Imagination Made Real

Imagination Made Real (IMR) is the vehicle for your manifestation journey. If you had no other tools to change your life, this kit would be plenty!



IMR is... A structure in which you can discover and fulfill your life purpose  >>

Life purpose is an expression of who you were created to be and who you are at your core. Anything you desire to manifest will have greater meaning when it is guided through your life purpose.

IMR is... A practical method to create your dreams   >>

Whether you wish to manifest things in the physical world or evolve yourself into the person you most want to be (intellectually, emotionally, physically, and spiritually), IMR™ offers a methodology to do just that.

IMR is... A whole-brain approach to change beliefs that limit you and embrace inspiring beliefs that serve you   >>

What you hold at a conscious and unconscious level, in-part, creates everything that you receive in life: The things in your physical world (money, houses, cars, etc.), the quality of your relationships (with yourself and others), your career, and so on. With IMR™ you can shift your limiting beliefs into new Inspiring Beliefs that support you in manifesting what you truly desire.

IMR is... A way to develop insight and awareness into yourself to ease your path of transformation   >>

The more you know yourself, the greater leverage you have to shape your future and your world. As you achieve greater levels of awareness, the possibility becomes greater for you to embrace your intrinsic worth and claim your full authority.

IMR is... A gateway to internal freedom and peace by aligning with your full integrity   >>

Your integrity is shaped by your willingness to claim 100% responsibility for every thought you think, feeling you feel, belief you hold, and action you take. Positive manifestation is a reflection of your level of integrity, which directly impacts how you show up as a person. As you transform yourself (your thoughts, feelings, actions, and beliefs) your external world will come into alignment with who you become. Peace, freedom, and reliable and sustainable manifestation will be the outcome.

IMR is NOT... A woo woo, wave-your-magic-wand-and-make-it-instantly-appear program  >>

With over 50 years of research and application in the real world, IMR™ is a robust course in transformation and manifestation. IMR™ is a life altering experience.

IMR is NOT... A program narrowly focused on the Law of Attraction or tools that only expand your cognitive abilities   >>

Advanced research reveals that beyond your cognitive mind is the gateway to reliably bringing into your life (manifest) what you want. It is only when emotions and the physical body are aligned with the brain and its thoughts that you can attract and sustain manifestation. Imagination Made Real creates that alignment.

IMR is NOT... A one-time event   >>

Rather, IMR™ is the vehicle for your manifestation journey – NOT the journey itself. You can refer to and practice the tools and principles of IMR™ for a lifetime. As you do, you will expand your ability to manifest what you really want.

IMR is NOT... A Course for Beginners   >>

IMR™ is not for those just beginning on a personal path… likely you will find it much too challenging. IMR™ is an advanced course for those committed to their own evolution and who are seeking innovative tools not found in other manifestation or transformation courses. This robust course offers you the most reliable and sustainable path to manifestation in one box!