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Taking advantage of ongoing training and workshops is one of the best ways to enrich and solidify learning. Join a learning community of others seeking to replace old beliefs, habits, and strategies with a more inspired approach to change their lives, their work, and their world.

IMR Journeyers Tele-Training

How to Manifest All That You Imagine

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Imagine... creating a life that works for you.
Imagine... changing beliefs that limit you, and embracing beliefs that serve you.
Imagine... your life’s journey becomes easy and fun.
Imagine... living the principles of manifestation
Imagine...the Law of Attraction as only the beginning.

Beyond the cognitive mind is the key to manifestation...

Powerful and unparalleled, Imagination Made Real™ is a multifaceted, accelerated learning course that gives you the power to bring into your life (manifest) all that you desire. This practical, full-spectrum approach uses both traditional and revolutionary Body/Mind techniques.

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